PetrOs Modellbau 1/350
US Rolling Stock Set 1

Reviewed by Sean Hert
February 2013

Petr Osipov has formed a Model company, and his first product is a set of photoetched railroad cars, or "Rolling Stock" in 1/350 scale, based on original plans from the 1920's. This set has enough parts to make up a total of 10 50-foot cars. There are 10 platforms to start with, which are all basically flat cars. There are parts included to make up to four box cars, and parts to make up to four gondolas. Finishing out the parts are a few scraps of styrene to help complete and reinforce the bogies (wheel assemblies, AKA trucks).

The fret is nicely etched, with few problems. The brake wheels are a little too fine, as many of the spokes and center hubs did not survive the etching process; however, Petr has provided extra wheels in foresight of this eventuality. The box cars have individual sliding doors which can be posed open or closed and optional roof walkways.


There is a set of fine decal markings in white for the cars.

  1. Extra Numbers
  2. Extra Pin striping
  3. Northern Pacific Curved Logo
  4. Northern Pacific Straight Logo
  5. Pennsylvania Railroad Logo
  6. Numbers
  7. U.S. Navy, Navy Yard, Mare Island
  1. "Left" Stencils for boxcars
  2. "Left" Stencils for flatcars and gondolas
  3. "Right" Stencils for boxcars
  4. "Right" Stencils for flatcars and gondolas
  5. Northern Pacific Railroad code
  6. USA railroad code
  7. Pennsylvania Railroad Logo

A single sheet of paper, folded into four pages of instructions. The instructions indicate this set is etched from hard brass, and may need some extra scribing to fold some longer seams.


This is a really great set of US Rolling Stock, and it is a wonder they haven't been available before. They are a must for anyone contemplating a US shipyard diorama, and are highly recommended. Now Petr, we need a little switcher engine to haul these!

This set is currently sold out, but a new run is expected soon (Spring 2013), having the same parts but laid out differently, in pairs. It previously retailed for around €29.00 Thanks to PetrOs Modellbau for providing this review sample.