North Star Models 1/700
Detail Set for Combrig Novik

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
July 2013
North Star Models is on a roll lately. They have released a number of exciting photo etch and aftermarket upgrade sets. This one is a little different as you don't typically see photo etch upgrade sets for resin ship models. This one is custom tailored to fit the Combrig 2nd class Russian Cruiser Novik. A good kit that was a little lacking in detail and accuracy. The addition of this fret helps make the kit much more accurate and detailed. 
The set includes one brass fret relief etched with everything from railings to funnel footrails and piping. The railings are not simply generic, they are custom made to fit the Combrig kit. No need to cut them to length, just bend them and fit them. A whole new bridge with platforms and fold up railing is provided. Boat davits, and cradles as well as boat deck inserts. Shields and gun details for the 120 mm, 47 mm, and Maxim machine guns will really enhance their appearance. New yardarms, and mast details are a big plus.  Click images
to enlarge
There are many more details that I should probably mention, but I hope the photos will speak for themselves. 
The five page  instructions are very well illustrated and will supplement the meager two page sheet included in the kit. These are well illustrated and very helpful. 

This set is #NSA700101 priced at $20.50 US. If you have one of the older Combrig releases, you really need this set. It will allow you take take that kit to a higher level. A testament to it's quality, is that it is now included with the new Combrig kits. Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample.