North Star Models
1/350 Ammo Box Covers

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
December 2013
North Star Models produces a wide variety of photo etch sets. Some are comprehensive upgrades geared towards a specific kit, and other like this one are geared towards scratchbuilders and those needing some less common detail parts. This set features perforated support beams typically found along supperstructure components.
A single fret with thirtysix 1/700 strips of perforated beams of differing widths is included. The perforations range from circular holes to slots of various widths. Most likely there is a size that will work for you. Some of the larger beams could be used for larger scales as well. This is a universal set Click images
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This set is #NSA700031 1/700 Perforated steel Superstructure Support Beams #2 for 6.26 € or $8.50 US, a handy set to have around for your superdetailing projects. 

Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample.