North Star Models 1/700
Russian Ships Doors During Russia- Japanese War

Reviewed by Sean Hert

This small fret from North Star has six different styles of doors, suitable for Russia ships from the time period of the Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 5 September 1905). The the Imperial Russian Navy at the start of this time period was one of the premeier navies of the world, there is a large selection of ships these doors would be suitable for.


The six styles of door present vary in appearance and style. There are 3 main types of watertight door: plain faced, with porthole, and with porthole and gutter. Each of these types has 60 parts, more than ample for multiple ships. Likewise, the remaining 3 styles are comprised of two types of wooden door, typically seen on bridges and charthouses; a two-panel style, a one-panel with window, and a final curved top solid door. Allthe doors present have good detail, including hinges and handles.


There are no instructions with this set.


This set is NSM 700004, and is priced at around 4.50. Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample.