North Star Models
1/350 Ammo Box Covers

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
October 2013
North Star Models produces a wide variety of photo etch sets. Some are comprehensive upgrades geared towards a specific kit, and other like this one are a handy set designed to upgrade your 20 mm ammo boxes. Any WW2 ship equipped with the US Navy 20 mm Oerlikon most likely has one or two of these ammo boxes located close by.
Some of today's kits in 350 scale include molded on rectangles around the gun tubs that are supposed to represent ammo boxes. This set will allow you to dress them up with a scale thickness cover. The covers are relief etched in brass with raised hold down clamps around the  notches giving them a 3D look. There are 54 covers, more than enough to do most ships. If you need extras you can also glue these covers to a short length of strip styrene for a perfect 20 mm ammo box.  Click images
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This set is #NSA350019 priced at $4.50 US. This is a handy set to have around for those who just want to add some specific details. Perfect for US Navy ships of WW2 and later. Some French and British ship refitted in the US would use these as well. 

Thanks to North Star Models for providing this review sample.