NorthStar Models 1/350
Coiled & 8-Shaped Ropes (NSA 350093)
Reviewed August 2016
by Martin J Quinn
NorthStar Models has released a set of photo-etched ropes in 1/350 scale, set NSA 350093. The set includes 19 photo-etch ropes. 

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There is one small fret 3/4 of an inch by 1.5 inches, with 19 ropes in two styles on it.   There are 12 "8-shaped" ropes and 7 "coiled" ropes.  Each has nice relief etching to give them depth. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.
There are no instructions.  You'll have to consult references. 
These ropes are a very nice and very clever accessory.   These will look nice on your 1/350 ships, especially with a little weathering to bring out the detail.  This is NorthStar Models set NSA 350093, Coiled & 8-Shaped Ropes.  It retails for $2.75, and is available from NorthStar and many of our sponsors. Thanks to NorthStar Models for the review sample.   Highly Recommended.

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