NorthStar Models 
1/350 IJN Cable Reels


Reviewed September 2017
by Martin J Quinn
North Star Models has released a photo-etch fret of cable reels for Imperial Japanese Navy ships in 1/350, set NSA 350089. 

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There is one fret include in the package. It is chock full of cable reels - over 60 reels in 8 different sizes/styles. All of the reels have relief etching on them. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.
There is a small instruction sheet that show you how to assemble each size/style of fret. You'll have to add a small plastic or metal rod from you modeling supplies during constructions. 
This is a very nicely etched fret, featuring a variety of sizes/styles of cable reels. The relief etching is a nice touch. This will be a nice set for those IJN super-detailers out there. This is North Star Models set NSA 350089, IJN WWII Cable Reels. It retails for about $9.00 USD, and is available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to NorthStar Models for the review sample.   Recommended.

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