NorthStar Models 
1/350 5"/38 Twin Gun Mount Details


Reviewed November 2017
by Martin J Quinn
NorthStar Models has released a detail set for US Navy ships, set NSA 350027, 5"/38 Twin Gun Mount.   The set includes photo-etch parts to detail the type of 5 inch/38 caliber twin gun mounts carried on Essex-class carriers, USN battleships and on the Sumner and Gearing-class destroyers. 

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The photo-etch fret is finely etched with very thin parts, and relief etching.   There are some incredibly small and fragile parts.  Among the parts included on the set are hatches, covers for periscopes and sights and ladders.  There appears to be enough parts to detail four turrets. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.
Instructions are a single small piece of paper. Parts are shown on one side, directions to detail the turrets are on both sides. The directions are clear and easy to follow. 
This is a really nice set, with really nice detail.  With enough parts to detail four turrets, you'd need one set for an Essex class carrier or Sumner/Gearing-class destroyer, but at least three sets.  to do a USN fast battleship, other than South Dakota. 

The set retails for about $9.00 USD, and is available from many of our fine sponsors.  Due to all the small, thin parts, I'd recommend this set for experienced modelers or serious super detailers only, but in an experienced modelers hands, this should really make your twin 5 inch/38 caliber gun mounts pop! 

Thanks to North Star Models for the review sample.

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