NorthStar Models 
1/350 Skylights (NSA350012)


Reviewed August 2016
by Martin J Quinn
NorthStar Models has released a set of Sky Lights in 1/350 scale, set NSA 350012, SkyLights D=30sm. The set includes over 350 skylights. 

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There is one small fret less than 2" square, with over 350 skylights on it.  Each looks to have the ability to be removed individually.   They are each etched with a raised lip around the hole for the Skylight.  I am guessing the "D=30sm" refers the scale dimension of the entire skylight. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.
There are no instructions.  You'll have to consult references. 
The skylights are nicely done. While the instructions don't indicate which ships to use them for, I am guessing they'll add a nice touch of detail to your scale pre-dreadnought era fleet.  This is NorthStar Models set NSA 350012, Skylight D=30sm.  It retails for $7.00, and is available from NorthStar and many of our sponsors. Thanks to NorthStar Models for the review sample.   Recommended.

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