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reviewed by Timothy Dike
The old Hasegawa Akagi was a state of the art kit when first introduced about 30 years ago. I remember the kit my brother in law built to compete with my US Navy Waterline Fleet. It seemed like a nice kit, and he didn't mind the raised details on the flight deck. But most modelers today will sand those off and scribe new detailing onto the deck. This is a very time consuming practice and can take some of the enjoyment out of model ship building. Today we have all kinds of nice photo etch assessors to add railings and other fine details to this kit, but until recently nothing for the most visible feature of the kit. Now Midship Models has just the thing to bring this old kit up to today's standards.
The deck is one large relief etched brass sheet. As you can see from the photo's the detail is very nice. Planking is very pronounced and appears to be too scale. Aircraft tie down points are well done. There are separate arresting cables and wind screens to be added to the deck. Click images
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Close ups of the deck details
You also get radio antenna and all the aircraft elevators.  

The instructions are well done and nicely illustrated for such a simple part. All you have to do to install this part is sand the original kits raised deck details flat and glue the photo etch deck to it. Install the arresting cables and radio antenna and you are ready to go.


This is a long overdue accessory, that has come to the market thanks to Chris Decker of  Trident Hobbies who just isn't content with just selling kits, but now produces and markets them under the MidShip label. This is kit #MPK820 available for $34.99, a little pricey but worth it when you see what this enhancement will do for your otherwise plain carrier. There is a similar set #MPK821 for the IJN Kaga if you wish to do both CV's.