1/700 Lion Roar
Anchors and Chocks
Reviewed by Timothy Dike February 2012
Lion Roar offers a multitude of detail options for modelers. This one should be of interest to US Navy Modelers who do 1/700 scale. In this small scale the smaller details are usually oversimplified or left off entirely. Things that stand out on a ship models such as the anchors and little details such as the chocks that line the deck edges are just too thick in plastic to be realistic. This set should help remedy that with it's scale anchors and open and closed chocks. 

There are three sizes of anchors provided.  Six large and medium and eight small anchors. These are etched so the anchor folds in half to give it some thickness. The blades are a separate part and have a locating hole for the stock. Assembly should be pretty simple. 

Chocks are provided in two sizes and two styles. Open and closed and there are a bunch or them. More than enough to do a whole squadron of ships. The fret is protected by a thin clear sheet to help keep the smaller parts from getting away. 

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Click to enlargeThis is a handy set to have around for your superdetailing needs.  There are enough parts to do a whole squadron of ships.

Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #R7062 WWII US Navy Anchors and Cable Hole with a retail price around $10.00 US.

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