1/700 IJN Yamato Flight Deck
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
September 2013
Here's another LionRoar upgrade. This one is for the Tamiya Yamato kit. This set provides a more detailed aft deck for the float planes. 

The first fret is brass relief etched with deck plates and raised diamond plate tread. Five turntables are included with separate rails to turn the float planes. Also included are braces for the deck and a couple of gun tubs. 

The second fret is stainless steel, also relief etched and it includes the aircraft trolley rails. The grills over the deck opening are provided in two parts for more realism. 

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Instructions are to pages with subassembly views.
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Click to enlargeI'm not an IJN expert, but I can see where this set will add a lot of realism to the plastic deck parts. Yamato and Musashi builders should check this set out.

You can find this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #R7039 with a retail price around $18.95 US.

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