Lion Roar 
1/700 IJN Funnel Footrails


Reviewed May 2016
by Martin J Quinn
LionRoar has released a set of IJN Funnel Foot Rails in 1/700, set R7033. The set includes two different styles of foot rails. There are a total of 15 foot rails on the fret – eight for style 1 and seven for style 2.

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These don’t say what type of ship they are for, and the funnel in the instructions appears to be a “generic” funnel, simply for illustration. 

The foot rails are very thin and it appears that the foot rail itself is thicker than the attachment points, giving it a bit of a 3D effect. These are attached to the main fret on each end, and on three points along the foot rails. 

Close ups of some of the fret details.

The instructions are a single, small piece of paper, with a drawing of a generic IJN funnel and instructions to “please install at the suitable position you need”. As always, check your references. 

There are very delicate and very finely done. Those modelers wishing to super-detail their Imperial Japanese Navy ships will find these useful. This is Lion Roar set R7033, WWII IJN Funnel Foot Rails. They retail for $7.95, and are available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to LionRoar for the review sample.  Recommended for experienced modelers with extensive experience using fine photo-etch. 

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