Lion Roar 1/350 Watertight Doors Set# R3508 

Reviewed February 2018
by Dan Kaplan 

Virtually all steel-hulled warships have special doors for access to the interior compartments as well as between compartments without allowing water to flood into the ship.  These doors typically have multiple latches or “dogs” around the perimeter of the door to help ensure a seal with the surrounding bulkhead. Some types of doors have a watertight viewing portal to see through the door. The Imperial Japanese Navy of World War II was no different than other navies in this regard, and had multiple sizes and types of watertight doors.
Accessory Set
This is one sheet of brass, relief etched watertight doors, five types, each with a subset that has the door hanging from a port or starboard set of hinges. Each type contains 6 to 15 doors, depending on size. All come as a set of three components that are attached together and meant to be folded over:  door frame with rain gutter, inner door, and outer door. This arrangement allows for the posing of a given door as open or closed. 

Care in handling is needed as all components can easily be bent out of shape. All the doors can be secured to a brass, styrene or resin bulkhead by using cyanoacrylate (CA) glue.

It consists of a simple sheet with illustrations to depict how to fold the doors, and how to pose them in the open or closed configuration. LR-1-350-W_T-Doors-instructions
 Final Thoughts
This is nice looking set with enough variety and quantity to meet most IJN warship build requirements. This is set R3508, which typically retails for under the US MSRP of $12.00.  Thanks to Lion Roar for the review sample.
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