Lionroar 1/700
WWII IJN Outboard Ciruit for Demagnetizing

Reviewed by Sean Hert
August 2012

Many 1/700 ship kits can benefit from either additional photoetch, or in many cases, any photoetch. This little detail set from Lionroar is to accentuate your IJN vessels, from destroyers to cruisers and battleships, to install or replace molded on degaussing coils. (These helped to demagnetize the hull to protect against magnetic influence mines)

The set is comprised of a small fret of relief-etched brass, with eight different shapes of degaussing cable for the exterior of the hull. There are nine lengths of straight conduit and 8 other shapes to angle around the bow and stern, as well as any other hull projections that need circumventing (anchors, etc)


A single sheet of assembly instructions is included.


This relief-etched fret is cleanly etched, with no stains, overetching or other defects- and seems a good deal for the cost

This is set #LR7021 WWII 1/700 IJN Outboard Ciruit for Demagnetizing with a list price of $9.00. LionRoar products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks LionRoar for providing this review sample.