LionRoar 1/700
IJN Carrier Aircraft Detail-Up Set (Late)

Reviewed by Sean Hert
September 2012

This offering from LionRoar has detail up parts for 5 types of IJN carrier aircraft, and enough parts for a total of 24 airplanes. The photoetched detail span from the basic landing gear and propellors, to small etched torpedos and bombs. The multi-part landing gear are sure to look stunning, but may intimdate some modelers.


A basic page of instructions is included.


If you're modeling a late-war IJN Carrier- you need this set to make your deck-loaded aircraft something special. Recommended!

This is set #LR7018 1/700 IJN Carrier Aircraft Detail-Up (Late Version) Set with a list price of $11.00. LionRoar products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks LionRoar for providing this review sample.