Lionroar 1/700
Royal Navy Radar Set

Reviewed by Guido Hopp, VMF-06 "German Gamblers"

For a few years now an ever growing number of newly designed ship kits are hitting the market. In an ever increasing pace USN and IJN came into the market for quite some time. Seemingly the air is getting thin these days as markers venture into other navies. One of the more obvious choice of subjects is presented by the Royal Navy. This fact is not only appreciated by us, but the by after market industry, as well.

One of the things that will never satisfy the dedicated ship modeller is injection-mould radar. The new photo etch set LE700155 offers a cure for this problem. The 11,2cm x 6cm relief etched sheet offers these radar sets (2 or more included)

  • Type 243
  • Type 271 (one set only)
  • Type 274
  • Type 277P (one set only)
  • Type 279
  • Type 281
  • Type 282
  • Type 283
  • Type 284
  • Type 285
  • Type 285GA
  • Type 286
  • Type 290/291
  • Type 293
  • Several designs of radio aerials and antennae

The parts are extremely fine and some parts are very, very small. The use of the set will require good nerve, a steady hand and some experience handling PE. Certainly this set is meant for the advanced modeller. As it is standard of this maker the sheet is covered by a low-tack protection foil. The instructions are clear and name the individual radar sets by their according design number.

Lion Roar provided the review sample.

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