Lionroar 1/700
Nagato PE Upgrade Set

Reviewed by David Salvin

The new super detail set from Lion Roar for the Aoshima 1/700 Nagato (1944) just arrived. The set itself is exceptionally complete, including 11 frets of fine photo etched detail parts. The included frets cover just about every possible detail of the ship from stem to stem to stern and hull to masts. What's more, the set also includes finely turned brass barrels for the main armament AND ALL secondary armament. (usually availably separately. This set also includes a full set of AA guns for the ship from the 12.7 inch guns down to the single. 25mm. (also usually bought separately). Though I find it interesting that the "sold separately" set of 12.7 cm AA guns also sold by Lion Roar has a small brass rod included to cut up and place over the gun barrels to represent the large recoil springs on the actual guns, this set leaves you with just the flat PE part. (I don't know why) So when building this set, you may want to get a small brass rod to cut up to place on top the flat piece that goes directly over the twin barrels on the 12.7cm AA guns.

Also included are photo etched upgrades for all the away boats, aircraft handling deck, all ladders and even the binoculars, search light directors ready ammo boxes and other minute details. Unlike the Flyhawk sets which leave it up to you to guess where these items go, the Lion Roar set actually takes the time in the instructions to show you where they go on the ship. I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to search the entire world to figure out what details go on each level of the massive pagoda superstructure of these IJN ships. What's also interesting about this set is that entire levels of the pagoda superstructure are entirely replaced with PE rather than having you hack and chop and splice pieces of the plastic with the PE.

Having completed the super detail sets from Fly Hawk for the Kongo and Takao, what sets this set apart are the instructions. First, English is always a big plus. Secondly, the inclusion of where to put all the new PE parts makes this kit a superior addition to the base kit and better than other PE "super sets" on the market. Lastly, the diagramming and pictures in this set appear more clear and more followable than in the other sets I have worked with.

I paid about $80.00 on E-Bay for my set. A rather good value considering it includes 11 frets of PE, all the turned barrels for all of the guns and full sets of all the PE necessary for all AA guns (which if purchased separately can run over $25.00 just by themselves no including the 11 frets of PE for the ship.

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