Lion Roar Name Plates
Lion Roar now has a new line of ships name plates to allow you to have a unique and custom looking alternative to engraved nameplates. They come with six names in each set. This one if for Japanese WW2 ships and includes the names printed out in Japanese characters. This set includes the six major Japanese carriers. 

The name plates are relief etched rectangular plates. Overall it looks good, but since I can't read Japanese I really can't tell what is written.

Soryu Zuikaku Hiryu
Akagi Kaga Shokaku
Instructions are pretty simple listing the various sets and the names of the ships in them. Click to enlarge
There are four sets in this release. The others are reviewed below:
Click to enlargeThis set is another neat addition to the growing line of Lion Roar accessories. This will give you a nice touch to your finished ship model display. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #700070 available at most hobby retailers.