Lion Roar 1/700 USN Radar I

Reviewed by Timothy Choi

Lion Roar's 1/700 USN Radar set I contains a plethora of fine radar lattice structures etched on extremely thin stainless steel. Several assemblies require a small rod to connect everything, but one is not included. The set should be enough for (dependent on their radar needs, of course) a few destroyers, two to three light cruisers, a heavy cruiser, a few carriers, or a battleship.


This set comes with one (1) stainless steel fret. My copy came with a bit of over-etch on one of the part 16s, resulting in a shortened spoke.

The single-sided instructions are in Chinese and gives a decent idea on how the various radars are assembled.
Click to enlarge With the increasing number of kits that include some rudimentry PE railings, this set is a cheap and inexpensive way to dress up your WWII USN vessels. This is set LE700011 US Navy I Radar.