1/350 Lion Roar
20mm US Navy Orliekons
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Lion Roar offers a multitude of photo etch detail parts for ship modelers. This one is a single 20 mm gun set with two types of bases. These are the type typically found on US Navy ships, but other navies also used a similar mount. 
The set includes CNC machined brass pedestals, 20 in total. These are machined with a little mounting pin and a socket to receive the gun assembly.  Click to enlarge
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The photo etched parts include relief etched shields, and gun assemblies. There are two types of guns, those with the hand wheels are designed to work with the machined bases and the others to go with the etched tripod bases. The tripod bases represent weight saving mounts used on some ship. They consist of a metal base plate and a tripod mount to hold the gun. The gun sights and folded from the main gun as are the shoulder rests. Both are simplified to make them easier to do. Forty four gun shields are also included.  Click to enlarge
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The instructions are pretty straightforward. They show how to fold the parts up and how they go together.  Click to enlarge
Click to enlargeThis set gives modelers another option to upgrade their ships. With forty gun assemblies in total, you should be able to refit a whole squadron of tin cans or even a capital ship. This set offers an affordable alternative to the clunky plastic parts found in today's kits. 

Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #le350014 with a retail price around $15.00 US. 

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