1/350 Lion Roar Super Detail
IJN 18" (460mm) Yamato Main Gun
This new set from Lion Roar is designed to upgrade the turrets on your 1/350 Yamato and Musashi kits. It includes only the items used on the main guns so you can mix and match it with other photo etch sets. The etching is pretty good with plenty of relief etched details and some really cool items that will really make those massive guns stand out. These items are also included in the Yamato Class Super detail set. Click to enlarge
 Some of the items included are the blast bag frames, and shell catchers. Ladder detail and light anti aircraft guns and shields for the turret tops.
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The main gun barrels are machined from brass with realistic tapers and hollowed out ends with realistic thin walls. The barrels have a locating pin on the end to help with placement. Grooves are machined on the base and these look very much like the monster 18" guns used on the Japanese super battleships. Click to enlarge
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Instructions are two pages with several subassembly view and one page dedicated to identifying the parts. These are pretty good, but it would be nice if more information was provided.
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Click to enlargeThis set is #le350005 and should be available now. Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set 

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