Lion Roar 
1/700 WWII USN Accommodation Ladders & Gangplanks


Reviewed January 2017
by Martin J Quinn
LionRoar has released a set of WWII USN Accommodation Ladders & Gangplanks in 1/700, set R7068.   There are four different accommodation ladders and four different styles of gangplanks. 

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The fret has eleven distinct set of parts - four different styles of gangplanks, four different styles of accommodation ladders, with associated parts like platforms, stands and davits. 

There are both open and stowed accommodation ladders, with port and starboard side platforms.  There are also davits so you can rig your platform the proper way.

There are four different styles of gangplanks.   Three of the gangplanks appear to be the same size, one is smaller.  There are stands for the gangplank to rest on pier side. 

There does appear to be relief etching on the parts. 

Close ups of some of the fret details.

The instructions are a single, small piece of paper, with some arrows showing how to fold the parts into shape. There is no indication of where the parts would go on any particular ship, so be sure to consult your references. 

There are very nicely etched, and should help those modelers wishing to super-detail their USN ships or helping detail a USN in-harbor diorama.   This is Lion Roar set R7068, WWII USN Accommodation Ladders & Gangplanks.  They retail for 9.50, and are available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to LionRoar for the review sample.   Highly recommended.

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