1/700 Lion Roar
US Navy Catapult Set
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
January 2014
Here's a handy little photo etch fret for US Navy Battleships of WW2 and earlier. The set has two different types of catapults with enough to do one modern and one older battleship. The older style features the turret top and single stern type found on the Arizona and is typical of prewar BB's. The other set if the stern mounted twin catapults found on North Carolina, South Dakota, and Iowa class BB's.  Click to enlarge
The set is etched in stainless steel using relief etching to highlight the thickness and give it a more 3D look. Also included is the aircraft cradles and details for SOC, Kingfishers, and Sea Hawk float planes. Aircraft wing struts and canopy frames are among the included items. 
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Instructions are pretty simple showing the parts and the assembly process.  Click to enlarge
Click to enlargeThe perfect set to upgrade your US Navy battleships. Nicely detailed and not overly complicated. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #7061 available at most hobby retailers.

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