1/700 Lion Roar
IJN 25mm AA Guns Set I
Reviewed August 2016
by Timothy Choi
The IJN Type 96 25mm AA guns need little introduction. Lionroar's 7030 set contains 16 of the triple-gun Type 96 mounting (with optional shield for all 16) and 5 of the single-seat variant of the dual-gun mount - the latter, however, does not appear to be commonly-used. There are also 16 octagonal tubs - not enough for all 21 mounts on the fret, so be wary.  Click to enlarge
The set is etched in brass using relief etching to enhance detailing and allow for easier bending. 
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Instructions are double-sided, with the front for the triple mount and the reverse for the double mount and tubs. 
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Click to enlarge Essential for superdetailing IJN combatants, set R7030 is available at most hobby retailers. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. The unique features of the dual mounting in this set may make it suitable for a wider variety of use than strictly IJN.

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