1/700 Lion Roar
IJN Depth Charge Equipment
Reviewed September 2016 
by Timothy Choi
The wide variety of anti-submarine warfare weapons used by the IJN (despite their relative neglect of the mission overall) can be found in Lionroar's R7029 photoetched set. It includes 8 long stern roll-off racks (with canvas-topped option available for 4 of them), 8 short stern roll-off racks, 8 short storage racks, 12 derrick-equipped long storage racks for the Type 94 Y-guns (only 6 of the latter though), 4 trolleys (not sure if for depth charges or torpedoes - they seem too long for individual charges), and 72 end-caps for detailing up to 36 depth charges (to be made from plastic rod [not included]). The only thing I would suggest including are the single depth charge racks featured on the stern of many IJN destroyers, usually arranged in sets of three.  Click to enlarge
The set is etched in brass using relief etching for enhanced detailing and easier bending. 
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Double-sided instructions show you how to assemble each part. 
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Click to enlarge Essential for detailing your IJN surface combatants, set R7029 is available at most hobby retailers. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website.

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