1/700 Lion Roar
WWII Canopy Brackets
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
November 2013
Here's a handy little photo etch fret for superdetailers and scratchbuilders. This whole fret consists of canopy supports. These are typical of the type the US Navy used during WW2 and the prewar years. Ships at anchor would erect these to provide a little shade for the crew. Many historical photos show them the ships of the Pacific fleet with these erected and white canvass covering the bow and stern of the ship. 
There are two types of supports provided etched in stainless steel on the fret. There are hundreds included so you will have enough to do a whole fleet. The fret is protected by a thin film of plastic to keep the parts from damage.  Click to enlarge
Instructions are pretty simple showing the parts and how they install on a typical ship.  Click to enlarge
Click to enlargeThis set is another in the growing line of detail parts from Lion Roar. This one will be handy for anyone doing a Pearl Harbor diorama. Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #R7023 with a list price of $7.50 US, available at most hobby retailers.

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