Lion Roar 
1/700 WWII USN Liferaft Stent for Carriers


Reviewed December 2016
by Martin J Quinn
LionRoar has released a set of USN "Liferaft Stents" in 1/700, set R7071.   It includes two styles of life raft holders. 

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There are two distinct styles of emergency life raft holders on this set.   Part 1 is a stand alone part.   Parts 2 and 3 combine to make one part.    The set has over 60 of Part 1 and over 30 of the Part 2 & 3 life raft holders. 
Close ups of some of the fret details.

The instructions are a single, small piece of paper, with some arrows showing how to fold the parts into shape, and where to place the lift rafts within the part.  There is no indication of where they would go on any particular ship, so be sure to consult your references. 

There are very thin and delicate looking parts.  Be careful when cutting them off the fret and when bending them.   If you want to super detail your Essex Class Carrier, this will come in handy. This is Lion Roar set R7071, WWII USN Liferaft Stents. They retail for $8.25, and are available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to LionRoar for the review sample.   Recommended.

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