Lion Roar 1/350 
German Navy Water-Tight Doors (R3507)

Reviewed June 2016
by Martin J Quinn
LionRoar has released a set of Kreigsmarine water-tight doors in 1/350 scale, set R3507, German Navy 1/350 water-tight doors. The set includes ten different styles of water-tight doors, in different shapes and sizes. 
There are four larger sets of doors. Each of these larger doors take up one row on the fret, and each row has 13 watertight doors. 

There are six smaller sets of doors. The two sets of what I’d call “medium” sized doors also take up one row, and have 15 doors of each. The smallest sized doors each share a row, and have either 7 or 8 doors, depending on the style. There is a total of 112 doors on the fret. 

Each piece contains a door frame, and a two part door than folds together to give it some depth. The larger doors even have a small rain gutter above the frame. Some styles have portholes in the doors, and all of them appear to have relief etching on the doors. 

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Close ups of some of the fret details.
The instructions are a single, small piece of paper, with some arrows showing how to fold the doors into shape. You position the doors open or closed, per the instructions. There is no indication of where they would go on any particular ship, so be sure to consult your references. 
There are very nicely etched, and should help those modelers wishing to super-detail their Kreigsmarine units, both large and small. I’ve used some of the doors on this set on my Zvezda Z-17, and like the way they look. This is Lion Roar set R3507, German Navy Water-Tight Doors. They retail for $12.50, and are available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to LionRoar for the review sample.   Recommended.

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