L'Arsenal 1/400 Caged Ladders

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If your doing upgrades on your kits or scratchbuilding you may find this set handy.  This photo etch fret includes six ladders with safety cages that are designed to be rolled around the ladder enclosing it and adding a measure of safety for your 400 scale crew members. These types of ladders are typically found on more modern ships and even buildings.
There is not too much you can say about a simple set like this. But if you don't want to scratchbuid your own, this set will come in handy.

This is set #AC 400 39 priced at only 2,95 € at L'Arsenal or  $4.00 US on the L'Arsenal USA site. So it won't break the bank and it's a cheap way to make your projects safe for your scale workers.


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