L'Arsenal 1/350 Chrysanthemum crests

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you model Japanese Warships, you are probably aware that many feature large Chrysanthemum crest on the bow. You can get these in some dedicated sets, but if you like to pick and chose your photo etch and accessories, then you are out of luck. But this new set from L'Arsenal features a four each of the crests in seven different sizes. 
This relief etched set should prove handy to have around for the IJN modelers. This is set #AC350-76 IJN Chrysanthemum Crests (various sizes p/e) for or 5,95 € at L'Arsenal or $7.00 US on the L'Arsenal USA site. That's only about $0.25 a crest, an inexpensive way to dress up your fleet.

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