L'Arsenal 1/350 Handwheels

Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Here's a handy little set of hand wheels to upgrade your kits. This photo etch fret includes small and large 3 and 4 spoke wheels. They can be used for 20 mm guns or even steam valves located around the superstructure of most ships. 
This is a detail typically left off of most plastic ship kits. So it would be handy to have around for those upgrades or scratchbuilding projects. Designed by Pierre Marchal for his scratchbuilds, it is now available to all of us. 

This is set #AC 350 50 priced at only 2,95 € at L'Arsenal or  $4.00 US on the L'Arsenal USA site. So it won't break the bank. Depending on what scale you model, this sheet will supply a lot of ships. 


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