Reviewed by Timothy Dike August 2012
 L'Arsenal seems to have an accessory for everything. This set will allow you to replace the catapults on many US Cruisers. This set includes parts to build two complete catapult assemblies. 
Parts that are not practical to produce from PE are cast in resin. This includes the base, ducts, and pistons, all of which are well cast and finely detailed. These parts will need minimal cleanup and are among the best resin castings in the business.  Click images
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These catapults are relief etched on stainless steel. They feature perforated walkways and diamond plate etched on the surface. 
The instructions are pretty basic and include a parts identifier and illustrations showing where the parts fold and where they attach. 

This is set # AC350-39 US Navy  Heavy Cruiser Catapults $13.00 US or 9,95 €. These are a must have for any US Navy Heavy Cruiser project. They are also appropriate for late war Light Cruisers. 

You can order them from L'Arsenal, or from Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.