Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Are you a scratchbuilder or superdetailer? Always looking for that special material to add that extra cool factor to your ship kit? This sheet has a grid pattern etched that is perfect for mesh walkways, or platforms. It measures approximately 2-1/4" by 2-3/4".  It is listed as 1/400 scale but could work for virtually any scale depending on what size you want the mesh openings to be. All you have to do is cut it to fit and glue in place.
This mesh should prove handy to have around. Perfect for doing those open mesh mast platform, and walkways on ships that don't have a dedicated photo etch set for. Since you can see through it, it will give you a more realistic appearance to your walkways and platforms. 

Priced at only 6.95 EU at L'Arsenal or  $8.00 US on the L'Arsenal USA site. So it won't break the bank. Depending on what scale you model, this sheet will supply a lot of ships.