L’Arsenal  1/350 Scale
U.S. Navy Railing Set
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Reviewed by Felix Bustelo
What else can I say as the title basically sums it up?  Well in addition to providing 300 cm (118.11 inches or 3,444 scale feet) of railings in various styles this photoetch set also contains 115 cm (45.28 inches or about 1,320 scale feet) of vertical ladders in two widths.
The set provides photoetch versions of the most common railing styles found on U.S. Navy warships in and around World War II.  This includes more widely spaced 3-bar railings used on main decks (with upswept sections for the bow area of some ships), more tightly spaced 3-bar railings for upper decks, 2-bar railings and two styles of 1-bar railing (different stanchion spacings). Click images
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This set provides modelers with another source of excellent quality railing in 1/350 scale.  While it is geared towards U.S. Naval ships I am sure that it can be used to detail other models in this scale.

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