Iowa Class Catapults and Crane

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If your building an Iowa class battleship and you don't want to invest in a complete set that may or may not have the parts you want. L'Arsenal offers all kinds of upgrades so you can replace what you want on your kit.
This set is designed for Iowa class battleships and includes a photo etch crane and catapult to replace the lifeless plastic ones on your kit. The set includes more than just photo etched parts. There are aslo several cast resin parts to simulate the catapult base, and crane base. Exhaust ducts and pistons are also provided to give your crane a real 3D look that you can't get just by folding photo etch. Click images
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The fret includes 2 catapults and one crane. The fret is relief etched and has tread pattern on the catapult top surface. The platforms have a perforated mesh for the walkways. The crane uses the relief etching to give the appearance of angle iron and H-beams. 
The instructions on two small sheets. One shows the parts and their location on the fret. The other shows the assembly process.

A really nice set that will enhance any Iowa class battleship. With the extensive line of resin and photo etch upgrades, you can pick the items that you want to replace and do it your way. The addition of the resin parts sets this set apart from the competition. This is set #AC350-47 Missouri Catapults and Crane listed for 12,95 €  or $17.00 US. Highly detailed and accurate, a must have for your Iowa class. 

They are available direct from L'Arsenal or L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.