L’Arsenal  1/350-1/400 Rigging set

Reviewed by Felix Bustelo
Once in a while what I call a “utility” photoetch offering will come along, one that is generic in nature and could prove to be very useful.  This new photoetch set from L’Arsenal is one such “utility” set.
The rigging set is comprised of a series of rings in two styles.  The Style A ring is a loop attached to a rod and are used as an attachment point on decks and superstructures.  Simply drill a tiny hole and insert the rod with some CA into the hole to fasten it.  The Style B ring is a loop attached to a tab and to be used on yardarms.  Clip the attachment tab and glue it to the yardarm. 

The packet comes with 2 stainless steel frets each comprising of 74 Style A rings and 32 Style B rings for a grand total of 148 Style A rings and 64 Style B rings.  Stainless steel is a good choice for the rings because it makes them stronger attachment points.

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This set would be a good one to have in your tool kit and at 2.95 Euros (about $3.25 US) it is inexpensive and a very good value.

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