Reviewed by Timothy Dike
March 2013

Are you looking for something new? Well Jasmine Model has a new kit that just might strike your fancy. This new photo etch kit represents a 1/350 German Type 7C U-Boat. Only unlike the many plastic and resin kits now on the market, this one is a photo etch skeleton kit. 
The kit consists of two brass frets making up the frame, cross sections, and some internal parts. The frets are relief etched and covered with a protective film. The deck pieces feature some nice diamond plate tread patterns, while other items such as the torpedoes are represented in 2D. A token amount of the interior is represented such as the engine, crew bunks, and some of the interments and steering gear. A couple of nameplates are provided to mount on the finished kit. 
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A black acrylic base is provided to mount your kit. Paper covering protects the surface from scratches. 
The images below provided by Jasmin Model show the finished kit on it's base. 
I would consider this more art than scale replica. But it has a certain coolness factor, and will most certainly stand out in a crowd. When completed it should measure about 7-1/2" long making for a nice desktop display.

You can order your own Skeletal U-Boat Kit #205001 1/350 WWII U-BOAT TYPE VIIC for $36 US. Check the Jasmine Model website for details.