1/700 Scale World
War Two USN Cruiser / Destroyer Set
by Gold Medal models
If you read either of the two reviews on the US Cruisers you might be looking for a suitable Photo Etch set to finish off. Gold Medal Models makes one that includes many of the items you will need to produce a stunning model. Set #700-8 is designed for most any US WW2 Cruiser or Destroyer with enough parts to Finish off one of each.
There are railing curved to match the typical upsweep of the bow, making it easier to attach. Destroyer and Destroyer Escort Yardarms to detail out the mast. Depth charge racks and K-gun racks. SA, SC, SC-2, Mk. 12, and Mk. 22 radar's like those found on Cleveland Class CL's and Fletcher Class DD's. There are three different styles of aircraft handing cranes and one boat crane that fold up nicely. I particularly like the Stainless Steel used in this set, it is rigid enough to spring back after the inevitable contact that occurs during handling. This set is designed to represent a large variety of ships and thus lacks some of the Class specific details on some ships, but overall covers most of the bases, making it a necessary addition to your building supplies.

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