1/700 Scale US Tarawa/Saipan Fitting set
by Gold Medal models
If you are building one of the Amphibious Assault Ship such as the DML Dragon USS Tarawa or Saipan, you need this set. It is custom tailored for that kit. It includes everything from Radar and crane assemblies to railings and flight deck safety nets. This set can also be used on the Revell 1/720 Tarawa kit.
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The instructions are well written showing the photo etch parts and how they attach to the plastic parts in the kit. A plan and right and left side elevation view is included to aid in parts placement.
Included in the set:
  • Several different styles of railings
  • Inclined stairs and ladders, including flight deck ladders
  • Anchors and boat detail parts
  • Ship Propellers
  • SPS-40 Radar
  • SPS-10 Radar
  • AS-2815 Antenna
  • ECM Antenna and supports
  • NTDS Antenna spreaders
  • Communications Antenna
  • Yardarm details
  • Island platforms
  • Forklift details
  • AH-1 Cobra details
  • CH-53E Super Stallion rotors
  • CH-46 SEa Knight rotors
  • Platform railing and braces
  • Safety cage ladders
  • Crane assembly
  • Flight deck nets in a variety of styles
  • Bicycles
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