1/700 Scale Watertight Doors set
by Gold Medal models
In 700 scale it is hard to add a lot of detail to the typical injection molded kit. Most kits have a rectangle where the door should be or nothing at all. For those who want to add a little more detail this set will help. It includes watertight doors of many nations and of all types. Even the back sides of the doors are provided so you can drill out the openings and mount the door in it's open position. The doors are all relief etched to bring out the hinge detail as well as the door framing that give each type of door it's unique appearance. Also in this set are life rings and hose reel racks.
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Included in the set:
  • USN Standard type closed and open
  • USN Style A and B with windows
  • USN Quick acting doors style A, B. and C (closed)
  • USN doors (open)
  • RN Waffle pattern (closed)
  • RN standard (closed)
  • RN standard (open)
  • IJN  standard (closed)
  • IJN doors with portholes (closed)
  • IJN standard doors (open)
  • Fire hose racks
  • Life rings (square and round type)
  • Assorted hatches in several sizes and shapes.
This set is an essential for superdetailing your ships. The hatches are some of the most commonly overlooked details and these will really enhance your kits.

Click the image on the right to visit Gold Medal Models website to see more of their photo etch sets. This is set #700-22 and has a list price of $5.00. 

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