1/700 USN AirCraft Carrier set
by Gold Medal models
 There are a number of different 1/700 USN Aircraft Carriers on the market today. Each one has a lot of potential, but are just a little lacking in the details. This set addresses those shortcoming, and will allow you to super detail your carrier. There are parts in this set for all of the USN WW2 carriers from the Lexington class to the Essex class carriers. But it is the Essex class that this set is best suited for.
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What really makes this set stand out are the excellent instructions. Loren Perry has done a great job of showing where the parts go on each style and era of carrier. There are profile drawings showing the radar locations on the different class of carriers as well as other fitting notes.
Included in the set:
  • Several different styles of railings
  • Inclined stairs and ladders
  • Elevator guard rails
  • Essex class galley walkways
  • SK radar and platforms
  • SK-2 radar and platforms
  • Mk-37 Director radars
  • Essex class radio deck edge antenna
  • Essex class deck edge elevator
  • Aircraft propellers
I recommend this set if your doing an Essex Class carrier. It is set #700-18 and lists for $6.00

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