New 1/700 WW2 British
Warships Fittings Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
One of the first sets Gold Medal Models produced was a WW 2 British Navy set. In its day it was state of the art, but Loren Perry was not content to continue to offer a set that was not up to his current high quality standards. This new fret  is not only is sharper and relief etched, but is larger and now includes several additional items, and enough extra details to do three complete ships. The old fret had one type of crane assembly which was close enough for most British ships, but discerning Royal Navy fans could easily spot the differences. Now each crane is specific to the three main types of ship, the HMS Hood, HMS King George V, and HMS Rodney. The cranes include some intricate bracing and pulley assemblies. Also included is a HMS Hood turret mounted aircraft catapult with a folding option, a nice touch.
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The fire control radar assemblies are very fine and could not be any more to scale or you would have to train spiders to install them. The deguassing cables for the KGV are custom tailored to fit around the ships just like the prototype.
Note the fine detailing on the various parts of the fret. 
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The instructions are very detailed and show not only parts assembly, but also the kit parts that replaced or modified with photo etch ones. Several elevation views are also provided to help illustrate parts placement.
This set provides the following fittings: 
  • Hood aircraft catapult and aircraft dolly
  • Hood aircraft crane with base and rigging
  • King George V boat cranes with bases and rigging
  • Rodney aircraft crane with base and rigging
  • Repulse/Belfast crane with base and rigging
  • Rodney Aircraft catapult with dolly and braces
  • Hood and Rodney derricks
  • Funnel cap grills for Hood, KGV, O Class DD, Rodney/Nelson, Repulse, Belfast, and Norfolk/Suffolk
  • Eight barrel 2 PDR. Mount rails
  • Fire control radar
  • Type 279 radar
  • DF antenna
  • Boat details (oars, davit rigging)
  • Walrus aircraft details (props and braces)
  • Fairey floatplane details (props and braces)
  • Props for Betty bombers that attacked Prince of Wales
  • Yardarms for the various ships
  • O Class DD depth charge racks
  • O Class DD bow rails
  • Sternwalk railing for older BB's
  • Five other styles of railings
  • Inclined stairs and vertical ladders
  • Degaussing cables for KGV
  • Stern name plate
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If you liked the old set, you will absolutely love this one. This is set #700-6 with a list price of $18.00 (US) a great value and an absolute necessity for the Royal Navy Modeler. Pick it up at your favorite hobby shop or online at the Gold Medal Models website