1/700 Scale WW2 USN Battleship Set
by Gold Medal models
For years us 1/700 ship modelers have been building the Battleships offered by the Waterline scale manufactures. None of these kits really stood out until you added a good photo etch set. Gold Medal Models offered a USN BB set to upgrade them. Recently Tamiya introduced an all new kit of the Iowa Class Battleships that featured some really fine detailing. Not content to offer an old fret for a new kit, Loren Perry of Gold Medal Models has upgraded his photo etch set as well. The old Photo etch fret (click here for image) is pretty nice as is, but now it is incredibly fine. The set is relief etched on .003 stainless steel and features some amazing detail.
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The railings have been redone to a much thinner more realistic look complete with braces. They are also custom curved to match the up sweep of the bow of the fast battleships. While many of the parts on the old fret appear to be used here as well, a quick look reveals that they are not the same but finer and in most cases with extra detailing added.
Note the perforated walkways on the catapult walkways and the way the braces are relief etched to simulate angle iron. I can hardly wait to try out the MK 8 Radar assemblies.
The instructions are well done and show the subassemblies and how they integrate with the kits plastic parts. Several classes of Battleships are shown in profile with the photo etch parts they use noted on each. 
  • Included in the set:
    • South Dakota Class yardarms
    • Iowa and North Carolina class yardarms
    • SK radar
    • SK-2 radar
    • SC radar
    • SC-2 radar
    • Mk 12 radar and base
    • Mk 20 radar
    • Mk 8 Radar and base
    • TBS antenna
    • Iowa class bridge windows
    • Turret mounted catapults
    • Catapult shuttles in early and late styles
    • Fantail catapults in early and late styles
    • Fantail crane in two styles
    • Boat cranes
    • Hooks, pulleys, and related rigging
    • South Dakota funnel grill
    • North Carolina funnel grills
    • Iowa funnel grills
    • Arizona funnel grills
    • Arizona yardarms
    • Curved and straight railings in several styles
    • Inclined and vertical ladders.
    • Boat rudders and pulleys
    • Float plane propellers
    • Life preservers and more
    This is a great set #700-3 retailing for $12.00. Click the image on the right to visit Gold Medal Models website to see more of their photo etch sets.

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