1/350 HMS Hood
reviewed by Timothy Dike
In this golden age of ship modeling with all kinds of new 1/350 and 1/700 kits coming on the market, it's nice to see photo etch guru Loren Perry has taken the time to produce a state of the art set for an old standard. This set is custom made for the Mirage 4 piper destroyer kit. The Mirage kit is pretty accurate but soft on the details. This set with it's fine etching more than takes care of that. Relief etching is used extensively to bring out the details. This set will allow you to do most any 4 piper destroyer with special emphasis 
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Besides the railings that are custom fit to the kit, this set has some really nice details to upgrade your kit. The watertight doors with the included door frames and the window frames for the bridge windows. Right on down to the ships wheel and Captain Outerbridge figure to man the bridge. 
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Also included on the fret:
  • Presized and pre-shaped railings 
  • optional simulated canvas-covered railing for upper decks and platforms
  • vertical and inclined ladders matched in size to the kit's dimensions
  • detailed searchlight platform tower
  • see-through bottoms & paddles for life rafts
  • rudders for ship's boats
  • detailed manropes for boat davits
  • depth charge racks
  • choice of two styles of see-through bridge window frames
  • ship's helms
  • detailed replacement yardarms for both masts
  • D.F. antennas; replacement grilles for funnel caps
  • watertight doors in open & closed positions; life rings
  • cable reels for custom work
  • replacement gunshield for No. 1 4-inch gun mount on Ward; gunsights
  • handwheels, armor shields, & shoulder rests for 20mm Oerlikon cannon
  • figure of Ward's captain LCDR William W. Outerbridge. 
The instructions as usual are well written and illustrated. I like the way the kit parts are shown with their photo etch upgrades. A bonus is the profile view with rigging lines shown.
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This is an excellent set for the USS Ward or any of it's sisters It is set #400-10 with a list price of  $15.00 US. A great price that will allow you to turn a rather basic plastic kit into a work of art.

You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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