Gold Medel Models PE review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Repulse is a pretty nice kit out of the box, but it lacking in some of the fine details. Loren Perry of Gold Medal Models has designed this set to address the shortcomings of that kit. This set is custom designed specifically for that kit and the parts are tailored to it. The railings are custom cut for each part of the kit. All you have to do is fold and place them. While the Trumpeter kit does include some photo etch, these parts are far superior in detail and fineness. 
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The modeler can pick and chose the details they want to add, but just about everything you would want to add it included on this fret. 
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
This set contains:
  • pre-shaped main deck railing with pre-positioned locations for chocks & diagonal braces
  • vertical ladders; watertight doors in open and closed versions; inclined ladders in all required sizes
  • Type 284 radar antenna; two complete boat cranes with rigging and hooks; details for 2 pdr Pom-Pom guns
  • including elevation rings, gunsights, ammo box covers, & pre-shaped guardrails
  • gunsights, armor shields, handwheels and shoulder rests for 20mm Oerlikon cannons
  • see-through screens for intake uptakes
  • paddles plus see-through bottoms for life rafts
  • highly detailed replacement yardarms in the correct shapes for both masts
  • funnel cap grilles for both funnels
  • rudders, oars, & 3-D relief-etched fold-to-shape crutches (chocks) for ship's boats
  • cable reels in two sizes; anchor chain capstan brakewheels
  • six accommodation ladders with detailed davits & rigging; jackstaff & flagstaff
  • struts & propellers for Walrus seaplane
  • Extra turnbuckles, eyebolts, and porthole rigols (gutters) are provided for custom work.
Numerous spare parts are furnished in the event of loss or damage. 
The instructions are two legal sized pages with the usual in-depth assembly notes. These instructions are some of the best out there and clearly show where the details go. 
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Finely etched and packed with details, this set is a must have for anyone building a Repulse. This is set #350-51 HMS Repulse Detail Set for $48.00 US. A great value that will take an otherwise plain kit into an show piece. 

You can get it direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold. Paypal is now accepted.