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Reviewed by Sean Hert
The Trumpeter Moskva was released back in 2007. Like most plastic models, the manufacturer is limited by the materials, in the case styrene, and the production methods, in this case injection molding. For many years now, Loren Perry has capitalized on the limitations of plastic model manufacturers with his brass photoetched detail sets. This set, for the Slava class missile cruisers, is another great example of his offerings.

One of the more distinctive and recognizable characteristics of Cold War Soviet and Russian ships are the large radar assemblies. Even with the best plastic shapes, these radars look clunky and unwieldy. However, in photoetch, they have an amazing depth of detail and make the kit a model and less toy-like. The same holds true for the masts and yardarms that support these large radars- they are intricate and impressive when assembled from GMM photoetch.

Another interest detail, also offered on the Udaloy set, are the replacement vent louvers. These vents are primarily on the structure that surrounds the twin funnels. These parts are recommended for experienced modellers.

Som of this set's contents:

  • Replacement PALM FROND and POP GROUP radars
  • Detailed replacement TOP PAIR radar
  • Detailed replacement MR-710 Fregat-MA/TOP PLATE 3D for Varyag radar
  • Detailed replacement TOP STEER (for Moskva/Marshall Ustinov) radar
  • Detailed replacement FRONT DOOR radar
  • Helo rotors in both deployed and stowed fashion
  • Flag- and Jackstaffs
  • Ship's boat details
  • Antenna Towers
  • Helicopter deck safety railing
  • Mast, Yard and Tower details and platforms
  • DF Antenna
  • Crane rigging and hooks
  • 5 type's of railing
  • Watertight doors
  • Coolant Hoses for the 130mm Gun Barrels

Sheet One

Sheet Two
The instructions are printed on a single page of standard legal sized orange-yellow-golden paper. This set of assembly instructions continue the fine standards that GMM is known for.
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This set has all the things you need to really make your Slava-class a knockout! Another great photoetch detail set from GMM! Highly recommended.

This is set #350-50 SLAVA for $45.00 US. You can purchase it direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold. Thanks to Gold Medal Models for this review sample.