Gold Medel Models PE review
Reviewed by Sean Hert
Trumpeter Udaloy, released in 2007 is a fine kit, but almost every kit has flaws. Loren Perry has created an update set to help you to get the most from your Trumpeter Udaloy. From swapping out the kits plastic radars, to the standard watertight door upgrades fine etched railing, this set covers a wide range of needs. One particulary nice touch are the replacement vent louvers included with this set. Recommended for experienced modellers, they should really add a special touch to the Udaloy's twin stacks, among other areas.
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Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.

This set contains:

  • Replacement PALM FRONT, STRUT PAIR radars
  • Upgrade antenna for the CROSS SWORD
  • Detailed replacement TOP PLATE radar
  • Helo rotors in both deployed and stowed fashion
  • Flag- and Jackstaffs
  • Ship's boat details
  • Antenna Towers
  • Helicopter deck railing in both Early and Modernizes types
  • Detailed TACAN platform
  • Mainmast details and platforms
  • Foremast details and platforms
  • DF Antenna
  • Crane rigging and hooks
  • 5 types of railing
  • Watertight doors
The instructions are two legal sized pages with the usual in depth assembly notes. Very well illustrated with lots of sub assembly views and notes. There is a template to help shape the TACAN antenna platfrom braces on the Mainmast.
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This upgrade set holds true to Gold Medal Models standards. The helicopter deck detail parts for both the early and later, modernized Udaloys is a nice touch. The only this readily apparent and missing from this set was etched water cooling hoses for the 100mm guns forward- but still a great update set!

This is set #350-47 UDALOY for $45.00 US. A great value that will add value to an already great kit. You can get it direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold. Paypal is now accepted.