1/350 Kirov

The Kirov class "battlecrusiers" are some of the largest warships ever constructed by the Soviet/Russian Navy. These Cold War veterans are powered by a unique arrangement of nuclear and oil- fired steam turbines. Armed with a large arrary of missiles and guns, these behemoths bristle with radar, antenna and other external details.

In 2008, Trumpter released a 1/350 model of Kirov; a "Holy Grail" kit for many Soviet and Cold War era modelers. And like many models, this one can benefit from some extra detail, particularly some photoetched accessories- and Gold Medal has stepped up like they always do with another stellar set to enhance your model.

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Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.

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Besides the standard railings, watertight doors and inclined ladders, this set has some really nice details to upgrade your kit dramatically, including;

  • Top Pair, Top Steer, Top Plate, and Plate Steer radars
  • 3 Palm Frond radars,
  • 2 sets of Strut Pair radars
  • 2 pairs of Cross Sword radar antennas
  • Pop Group radar antennas
  • Assorted ECM and direction finding antennas.
  • Deployed and folded helicopter rotors
  • Details for the ship's boats
  • Corrected helicopter landing pad net & safety nets
  • Missile loading crane
  • Replacement one-piece fold-to-shape yardarm
  • Replacement fold-to-shape Vee-Tube antenna mast & sensors
  • Platforms for ECM antennas
  • Aft Light assembly
  • Corrected five-bladed screws
  • Rigging and hooks for the ship's cranes
  • Accommodation ladders
  • Russian-style railing complete with accurate turnbuckles

GMM's standard one page, double-sided sheet of instructions is included.

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This PE set from GMM will be a great addition to your model. Not only are the PE radars a vast improvement over the solid plastic ones included in the kit, but having five-bladed props to replace the incorrect four-bladed ones in the kit are a great added bonus. GMM's set is designed to be easy to use, and easy to fold. The set features extensive 3-D relief etching in .005" brass for extra detail as well as extra fine railings and antennas.

This is set #350-46 Kirov for $45.00 and you can get it direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold. Paypal is now accepted. Review sample provided by Gold Medal Models