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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
OK, you have the new  USS Saratoga and want to add more aircraft. Well since Trumpeter makes those available separately, it's only natural that you should be able to get additional photo etch for them. The Trumpeter aircraft are very nice for this scale, but the oversize propellers and lack of scale struts limits their potential. This set from Gold Medal Models will allow you to detail even more "Yellow Wings" and add some color to your gray world. 
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This brass set features the typical high quality relief etching. Part are designed to fit the Trumpeter aircraft and you won't have to be a micro surgeon to use them. I like the way the struts on the TG-2 are done. I always prefer folding to gluing as me and super glue don't usually get along.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
Included in this set are enough parts to equip six of each type of aircraft with propellers, interplane struts, cabane struts, wheels, and tailhooks. The parts are included for the following aircraft types:
  • BFC Curtis fighter bomber
  • TG-2 Torpedo bomber
  • F2F and F3F Grumman fighters
  • SBC Scout bomber 
  • SBU Scout bomber
  • SB2U Vindicator  torpedo bomber
  • F2A Brewster Buffalo
Some of these parts are featured on the #350-39 Saratoga set.
The instructions show the typical aircraft and where the photo etch attaches to them. There are a mix of 3D and front and side elevation views noting the struts, wheels, and other parts.
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This is an excellent set to use to detail your old airwings. While it is designed for the Trumpeter aircraft sets, many of the parts can be used for other aircraft. With a retail price of $12.00 US it is a very affordable way to super detail your airwing. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.